About Learnabli

Connecting prospective ESL teachers with top-tier language schools in China.

"Living and working in China as an American has provided me with some of the best memories one could hope for. Working for Darcy English has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience. Teaching English as a second language is challenging at times but well worth it!"
- Sara C.

who we are

Learnabli Recruiting is a staffing company based in Toronto, Canada. We hire candidates to teach ESL in our select network of schools in China. 

We personally vet all the schools the company works with – meaning a company representative has personally visited and verified the school meets our standards as a partner.

We’re a hardworking group of passionate individuals. Committed to what we do.

what we do

Work (Z) Visa application assistance

We’ll assist teachers through each stage through the somewhat-complicated visa application process.

pre-trip Teacher coaching and guidance

We’re here to answer any questions or concerns. We also sometimes help teachers get better acquainted with the curriculum and teaching standards, so they can hit the ground running.

School Vetting

We personally validate the schools we work with. Meaning we’ve visited them personally and ensured they meet our standards.

Sourcing quality candidates

We provide staffing solutions for our schools in China. You may be reading this because we’ve identified you as a potential candidate.

why we do it

We started Learnabli because we recognized the need for an intermediary between language schools in China and the teachers interested in teaching there. 

Rather than parsing through convoluted job boards, dealing local representatives with a large language gaps, and trusting that schools are who they claim they are, before taking a risky plunge, we thought aspiring language teachers might prefer a second option.

Learnabli quality checks are school partners and prioritizes teacher safety and reliability. Freeing teachers to put their energy into what really matters. 

Our principles

Learnabli is commited to placing our teachers in a networks of schools we’ve worked with extensively and trust. Teachers are can feel safe knowing that Learnabli and its partners will always put their well-being first.

Trustworthy schools

We will not send teachers to a school that we have not personally visited and audited. If a school does not pass the Learnabli standard, we will not work with them.                                        

Lawful Obligations
It is not uncommon to find schools in China that hire people who do not meet the minimal qualifications to work in China. At Learnabli, we do not facilitate this kind of behaviour. Anyone who works in China through the Learnabli process will have full confidence of working in China legally with full obedience to the law.
Teacher safety
There will be someone waiting to receive you to take you to your new apartment. You will have someone on hand to help you get set up with your essentials and get you on your feet. Health insurance is provided as part of the contract.
Reasonable Requests

Just like the schools, the jobs they offer are also checked by us. Teachers will be asked to work a reasonable amount of work hours per week. They will also have paid vacation days, and Airfare reimbursement.

Teach abroad with Learnabli Recruiting

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