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Chenzhou, Hunan – A Changing City

When I returned to Chenzhou this last time, in 2019, I was immediately struck with how much the city had advanced since my last trip. Chenzhou is a – by
Blank paper checklist with a marker to check off items

Checklist of steps before arriving in China

Proper documentation (visa) Learnabli will help you with this process. There are a lot of steps to take before a work visa is able to be issued (see our visa
Chinese books at a library

10 Chinese Words/Phrases you Should Know Before Going

It takes a lot of effort and a lot of time to learn a new language. For native-English speakers, Mandarin is particularly difficult as it comes from a completely different
A high speed train in China

High Speed Rail in China

High speed rail in China One of the great things about living in China is access to a vast network of High Speed Rail (HSR) – a cheaper, and perhaps