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Darcy's International is a great place to work. The minute we arrived in the city we were greeted by English-speaking staff members who drove us to our furnished apartment unit with wifi. We were shown around the city and invited out for social nights... I would fully recommend Darcy International to anyone looking for a new (or to enhance an existing teaching) experience!
Tommy Y.
Working at Darcy has been really fun, the Chinese teachers are always so friendly and helpful... Working and living in China I got to meet a lot of foreigners from different parts of the world. At Darcy we are like a little Foreign family, hanging out and cool stuff together. Honestly teaching here does not feel like work, feels more like I get paid to have fun with energetic kids.
Graham B.
Working at Darcy is fun and rewarding to say the least... The Chinese staff members are wonderful and I always feel taken care of. My students are the best, they make me feel productive and keep me on my feet... I never would have thought my life could be so simple, and yet so exciting simultaneously. I would recommend Darcy International to anyone with an interest in teaching in China.
Symone I.
Having worked for Darcy was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. The students/children I have taught while at Darcy were all pleasant and grateful... Living in China was truly exceptional as well, it offered me the chance to travel to many Chinese provinces as well as surrounding countries... Darcy gave me the opportunity to grow and learn as a person in a safe and pleasant environment.
Jordan Paige M.
Living and working in China as an American has provided me with some of the best memories one could hope for. Working for Darcy English has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience. Teaching English as a second language is challenging at times but well worth it!
Sara C.
Working at Darcy International English has been a phonomenal experience. Upon arriving in China, I had a personal welcome from another Darcy employee at the airport. All the essentials such as my visa and housing were provided. The Chinese assistants are all a pleasure to work with and make interacting with the students easy and fun.​
Christina Marie Zambrano
I have had an amazing experience in China exploring different cities and learning new things, but the most rewarding experience has been teaching. Darcy has helped mould me into the teacher that I've become and it has been a pleasure working in Chenzhou.
Laila Omer-Hellings​